Surfin Survey

Survey day on Chamois was a blast. It was blowing 20-25kts… and I had a great time surfing down the Lagoon towards the drawbridge, which I went thru under bare poles with a 15º heel…25kts on the beam… I thought  I might catch a gust and tap the far side of the road edge with my mast! It sure looked close in that narrow gap.

I felt like a fighter pilot landing on an aircraft carrier as I motored stoutly towards the travel lift with the wind on the beam again. “With this cross wind, he’s gunna be comin in a pretty hot”  the yard manager yelled to the Travel Lift Operator. They did a great job of “catching” Chamois in the slings at about 4 kts. It was the most fun I’ve ever had on a travel lift fer sure! Within seconds, I came to a halt, and swung back on the slings as my bow lifted from the water. I hastily shut down the Yanmar before she began sucking air. It all happened so fast.

Best comment by the surveyor was: “Boy, this little boat sure does have a lot of equipment!” Perhaps too much I replied! Where to put it all!? In hind sight, a bonneted jib would be a good idea on this wee boat. In the end, the survey proved Chamois’ excellence, and the buyer is moving ahead with the purchase.

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