Survey Says ???

I’m flying to TX tomorrow for a survey of my potential new BCC. Not 100% sure this is ‘the one’ however, because I suspect there might be some deck delamination on this boat. I will examine this further with the surveyor on Thursday and take his opinion into account as I move forward, or not. Unlike Chamois, this boat will need alot of work. She is 85% through a refit, but has been left untouched for a few years now and she shows it. So although I had initially planned to sail her home from TX, I have since changed my mind, due to the amount of work she will require to commission her properly. I submitted a bid request on for trucking this BCC home. That’s been an interesting find. I get a bid every few days. Prices are fairly consistent. I like the site/service so far.

Chamois is scheduled to have her winter cover off by March 15th, and mast raised in time for her pre-purchase survey. Speaking of which, Ed and Ellen Zacko have produced a mast raising video now available on their website. I was a little startled to see the price tag, I was expecting a home movie download thing. Their other DVD I have is excellent, and they go the distance with duplication, cover etc. No doubt a high quality, educational DVD worth having. I wish them fair winds as they continue their circumnav aboard Entr’acte. I hope to some day run into them along the way. I love their sails, and notice the main is flying free…. he calls it a light weather main, its only 2oz. or so. What a great idea!

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