Recently, someone interested in Chamois referred to me as a blatant exhibitionist. Intriguing, I thought… never considered myself one. But I suppose with all this self-publishing: the videos, photos, the ramblings etc.; I do put myself on exhibit. Luckily the admission is free.

Speaking of exhibitionism, Chamois took her clothes off today – I mean her winter jacket. It’s a little premature, I’m forcing spring a wee bit. Mind over matter. Mast raising is planned tomorrow… forecast is for snow in the AM, then warming up to a balmy 38º… BURRRR-FECT! (I mean purrrr-fect). Always feels good to get out from underneath the brown bag cover. So bright down below now!

The survey is scheduled for sometime this week, pending the raising of the mast and the commissioning of all things Chamois. I’m planing a shakedown sail this week as well, because as it looks now, I will be delivering Chamois to her new owner on Long Island the following week. Hope it warms a bit in time for that trip!

I have not been pleased with this bottom paint. I’m actually surprised I have so much growth on the bottom. It appears to be primarily seaweed kinda stuff, but its pretty thick! I fired up the Yanmar yesterday and ran her in gear for a bit… you can see where the prop washed away some of the growth…kinda cute… at least it cleans off easily.

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  1. She looks great to me … anxious to hear more on your new one.

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