Survey Says… Go For It!

Well, there’s lots of work to do, many things to replace and repair… but the decks are OK, and that was my main concern. So I’m moving forward with this one. I’m thrilled… like a little school boy. A 14 year dream… coming to fruition. Hope to have her up here by May 1.

The survey was conducted by Mike Firestone, who I’d like to recommend to anyone looking for a yacht survey, especially a BCC. He was fantastic: thorough, knowledgable and really took the time to educate me about the boat. He went up the mast to inspect the rig, sounded the hull and decks, used a moisture meter, crawled into the far reaches of the engine room and bilges, and left no stone unturned. Worth every penny IMO.

One highlight of the survey was running aground at the mouth of the channel! There has been a dredge working the mouth of the channel for months now, but still the channel was silted in and very shallow. The water down there is thick and silty, you have no visual warning of water depth. Mike and I hung off the rail while Steven backed her down and we eventually got off… only to run aground again 10 feet further down the channel! Rinse and Repeat.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to hear more about her. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Absolutely gay!

  3. Congrads!!! Still sad to see Chamois go, but wish ya the best on your new adventure!!!

  4. Thanks guys — my loyal ‘fans’ 😉

    Guess I’ll need a new blog title soon… and a new boat name for that matter… not into the name she comes with.

    Stay Tuned…

  5. Pictures…. that link ya sent me doesnt work anymore. Oh and why so long for the delivery?

  6. yeah my whole gallery is down – switched servers, havent had time to get the gallery database restored yet…. ho hum…

    delivery? what delivery? BCC to New England? Im going to truck her up.

  7. Where is Chamois going? Wanna see more pictures of the new boat

  8. Todd!
    Chammy is goin to Great Neck… I’m going to sail her down. So, I’ll def stop by.

  9. ben,

    appreciate knowing how you found your bcc?

    thanks and good luck with your new boat.

  10. j ross,

    14 years of searching… but if i were to tell you how i found this one, i’d have to kill you… better left unsaid.

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