There’s No Place Like Home

“Where have you been you… you…?!” Chamois exclaimed as I unzipped the starboard side door in the cover yesterday. She’s right, I’ve been a long time away. Time with my dad in NH. Pretty much since Christmas. “I’m sorry Chammy, Dad needs lovin’ up there. He’s lonely and has a tough time getting around.” But boy was a I glad to be home… she smelled so refreshing. The full moon had drained the harbor fully. A few sailboats on the adjacent dock were leaned over on their keels. But not Chamois… at only 3’10″… she was as happy as ‘a boat in water’. The low-tide-winter smell is divine. Ice on the harbor edges. Mist rising in the AM. Hard to beat the stillness of winter on a quiet harbor.

A fellow was standing at the dockside when I arrived back to Chamois after a great workout at Mansion House. We started chatting, and I invited him for a simple-casual dinner… rice and boily bags of Indian food. We enjoyed the warmth of the kero heater, and some s0-s0 food. He had some wicked good stories about his boat and his life aboard in Oak Bluffs: how he jury rigged a tiller out of a spark plug wrench and learned to sail without a tiller altogether… How he made it home from Connecticut on New Years Eve without a rudder… How he removed his disfunctional engine and in it’s place built a “wood stove” out of sheet metal and tin snips. He made my life sound down right luxurious and plush. As he told me more, I kept thinking to myself “damn I’m such a pussy… listen to this guy!”

It was a quick hello to Vineyard Haven. Time enough to empty my overflowing PO Box, go to the gym, check some email and get some sleep… I’m back with Dad in NH now. Can’t wait to get back to the Vineyard for some more time on the water with Chamois.

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  1. Thanks for the update … BTW a post from life ‘on the hard’ is entirely acceptable.

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